The advantages of CPE

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The advantages of CPE

Chlorinated polyethylene cpe elastomer toughness good compatibility, in addition to these what are the advantages? The following tell you what are the advantages of the five characteristics of chlorinated polyethylene cpe elastomer.

1) Chlorinated polyethylene cpe elastomer is a saturated rubber with excellent resistance to hot oxygen aging, ozone aging, acid and alkali resistance, and chemical properties.

2) Chlorinated polyethylene cpe elastomer is non-toxic, free from heavy metals and PAHS, and it fully meets environmental requirements.

3) Chlorinated polyethylene cpe elastomer contains chlorine, has excellent flame-retardant properties, and has the characteristics of burning and drip-proof. Its flame retardant, flame retardant, chlorinated paraffin, and Al(OH)3 can be combined in proper proportions to obtain flame retardant materials with excellent flame retardant properties and low cost.

4) Chlorinated polyethylene cpe elastomer is excellent in oil resistance, among which ASTM No. 1 oil and ASTM No. 2 oil have excellent performance and is equivalent to NBR; ASTM No. 3 oil has excellent performance, better than CR, and comparable to CSM.

5) Chlorinated polyethylene cpe elastomer has high filling performance and can produce products that meet various performance requirements. CPE's processing performance is good. Mooney viscosity (ML121 1+4) is available in 50 to 100 different brands.


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