What's the usage of CPE in plastics?

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What's the usage of CPE in plastics?

As Impact Modifier, Chlorinated Polyethylene ( CPE ) can replace or blend at any ratios with other impact modifier like Acylic based impact modifier or MBS based impact modifier, by adding CPE improve cold temperature on Acrylic based impact modifier and improve weatherability on MBS based impact modifier
- Adding CPE in rigid PVC profile can accept higher filler to further reduce production cost.
- In flexible PVC ,CPE can be used as permanent plasticizer
CPE has characteristics which are good for use on low voltage flexible cables (such as HPN cord) at lower cost than Neoprene or hyphalon .
- CPE is cold, oil and heat resistant, as well as Flame Retardant. In the case of HPN cord CPE acts as insulation and jacket combined.
Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) modifier for PVC window profile or other PVC rigid profiles can be used alone or blending at any ratios with Acrylic based or methacrylate-butadiene-styrene MBS based impact modifier
- PVC Window profile , adding CPE can improved weatherability on MBS based impact modifiers and further enhance cold temperature resistance on Acrylic based impact modifier.
- CPE/AIM or CPE/MBS blend at 50 /50 ratio.
Our CPE used as migration free plasticized films, profiles, roofing membrane, auto sector such as flexible PVC sheet.
CPE modification of polyethylene and polypropylene can improve flame retardant, mechanical property and resistance ageing, weather for cables with superior electrical property .
- CPE blending with PVC are also widely applied. CPE as permanent high molecular-plasticizer for PVC could successfully avoid migration effect by common plasticizers.
- CPE is superior in abrasion resistance and has long flexing life and is widely used in production of soles.


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