Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)

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Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)

Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) is one of the main rubber elastomer of the world at present. After 30 years of innovation and development, China's CPE production capacity has been ranked in the forefront of the world. All over the world the application of CPE in rubber field is very wide. Industry experts believe that the cpe rubber has more comprehensive performance, good mechanical properties, heat aging resistance, ozone resistance, weather resistant performance, good electrical properties and good processing properties and green environmental protection, the conventional rubber is higher than the current use, provide the precondition for improving the technological level of cable product.CPE has many advantages comparing to synthetic rubber ones, has been widely used in soft cable and fire retardant crosslinked line for building household appliances, electrical equipment manufacturing cord. Therefore, the promotion of CPE can be used to change the product structure of cable industry and the application of the selection of the promotion, so as to bring a profound change in the development of cable products. Compared with the conventional rubber material, the rubber type CPE has the characteristics of high quality, high technical level, low cost and good benefit; it is a green environmental protection, and its solid performance when exposed to fire also makes it a preferred alternative to cable. Therefore, the promotion of the use of CPE new material can not only reduce the production cost of the cable industry, but also no pollution, in line with the requirements of sustainable development.

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