PVC Market Analysis June 15, 2021


PVC Market Analysis June 15, 2021

PVC: Last week, PVC spot market price volatility upward. Electric stone prices continue to rise. The market is rising, driving PVC spot prices, some upstream production enterprises to raise factory prices. Downstream demand continues to maintain light, just need elasticity to take goods. The current PVC is in a strong reality, weak expectations of the situation, products enterprises low inventory by single production, high costs difficult to hoard inventory, cost end still support, high price of electric stone to become the norm, policy impact continued. It is expected that the short-term PVC spot market price to maintain a wide range of shocks, South China Electric Stone 5 mainstream price reference at 9230-9350 yuan. (No tax included)

All the prices are also connected with cpe impact modifier's price. if you want to know more information, please let us know. 


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