PVC Market Analysis June 3, 2021

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PVC Market Analysis June 3, 2021

PVC: PVC market trend continues to rise.

The chemical sector rose. In addition, the fundamentals of PVC are well met. The V09 contract increased significantly.
Spot quotations rose by RMB 150-200/ton, and the price of ethylene process in East China was stable. Today's shipment situation is good. In terms of installations, Xiyang and Nanlin are in parking, and Liancheng is currently on the front line.
Maintenance of Nangang, Jintai, Lutai, Salinization, Sea Level and other installations. Downstream product companies are resistant to high prices, and their purchasing enthusiasm is average. Continue to just need to purchase, the market transaction situation is average.

It is expected that the short-term PVC market will continue to be adjusted at a high level. The mainstream price of South China calcium carbide 5 is around 9,200-9280 yuan. (Tax not included)


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