PVC Market Analysis March 15, 2021


PVC Market Analysis March 15, 2021

PVC: The ex-factory price of domestic calcium carbide market has been raised. The shortage of supply of enterprises has affected the decline in the starting load and the sharp increase in production costs of the calcium carbide mining enterprises in the east. The domestic PVC market sentiment is fair, the transaction has improved, the ex-factory prices of some companies have risen slightly, the futures market has continued to rise, and the spot market has relatively ordinary transactions, mainly inquiries. The transaction center in East China is generally 8750 yuan/ton. 

In the short-term, upstream sales pressure is not great, and the market has not many warehouses. The PVC social inventory pressure has begun to ease, and the export is good, and the supply side pressure is not large.  Downstream demand still needs to be restored, but the tightening of supply is expected to passively push up the market. It is expected that the market price will be strong and fluctuating. The mainstream price of South China calcium carbide is around 8,600-8750 yuan for reference.  (Tax not included)


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