PVC Market Analysis March 12, 2021


PVC Market Analysis March 12, 2021

This week, the domestic PVC market price continued to fluctuate widely. The average market price changed within 50 yuan/ton from the previous month. The sharp increase in calcium carbide supply and raw material prices had a greater impact on the start-up and price costs of upstream manufacturers, and continued to affect the prices of manufacturers. 
Favorable support, downstream demand is still in a period of recovery, product prices rise lower than that of raw materials, leading to deviations in downstream terminal orders and production enthusiasm, procurement demand is still weak, downstream product companies are starting to recover, but due to the substantial increase in the cost of various raw materials, Product prices are forced to increase, and it is expected that the market will continue to fluctuate between communities. The mainstream price of the five-type calcium carbide in South China is around 8480-8650 yuan. (Tax not included)


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