PVC Market Analysis March 11, 2021

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PVC Market Analysis March 11, 2021

PVC: The domestic calcium carbide market prices continue to rise, and companies are actively receiving goods. The current arrivals are tight, the external environment and export expectations continue to support the upward trend of futures. However, the price is high, and some customers have inventory from the weekend to the beginning of the week. Anxious to purchase, the spot quotations in the market are deadlocked, with a slight increase in futures market. 
The downstream terminal PVC orders are limited and the purchasing enthusiasm is not high. In the short term, it will take time to digest the rise. The market price is not strong enough. It is expected that the short-term market will maintain range fluctuations. The mainstream price of South China calcium carbide 5 is around 8650-8780 yuan. The price of East China Ethylene Process Type V is 9200-9900 yuan/ton (not including tax)


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